Camp Sew & Sew – Apr 18-Apr 23, 2021

Posted on Oct 20, 2019

Camp Sew & Sew at Zephyr Point

LOCATION: Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center
DATE:  April 18 – April 23 (Sun-Fri), 2021

Join us at our annual sewing retreat. We’ll using Echo Peak conference room (next to Cafeteria) so join us for some fun and finish your various projects. The price is the same as last year AND we’re again offering a means to earn a $100 rebate (sent after the retreat) if you will complete 25 items for our community service (stockings or ditty bags) effort. The details and instructions are below, and HERE is the registration form.  We are trying to encourage other chapters to participate but will limit our total to 24 participants. Because of the continued uncertainty of COVID-19, the board has agreed to extend the registration due date to April 2, 2021, AND there will be NO increase in rates up to April 2. It helps us if you can tell us early, and April 2 is really the last day where we’ll have time to finalize numbers (for meals) with the Center.

As before, we’ll be setting up the Echo Peak workroom from 3pm onwards. We’ll have all the keys to rooms available after 3pm on Sunday. Our first meal will be Sunday dinner (6pm) and end with Friday breakfast. We must exit our rooms by 11am and the workroom by noon on Friday.

For those wishing to receive a $100 rebate, you need to make 25 items for our military community service. There are 2 types of items to make: ditty bag (square) or Christmas stocking. There sewing and serging instructions for the ditty bag, but just the serging instructions for the stocking (the assembly differs with sewing since there’s an inside seam, so we recommend using the serger). Below are links to the instructions (click on the item). We will provide the drawstring and toggle at Camp for you to finish your ditty bags. We will inspect the items to ensure they meet our standards.

Download (PDF, 55KB)

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