Saturday “Tea” (Sat, NOV 18)

Posted on Jan 1, 2017

Annual Meeting & Tea Sew-cial

Date: Sat, Nov 18, 2017
Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm (doors open early)
Location: Masonic Lodge, 40 W 1st Street, 2nd Floor, Reno, NV

There are two nearby locations to park: the Cal-Neva parking garage (free) and the Parking Gallery, W 1st and Sierra Streets ($1.50 when stamped). Be sure to bring your parking ticket to the meeting for validation.

This is a potluck, so bring some finger food to share (appetizer, dessert, whatever) and a 1 yd ‘wonder’ fabric to trade.

In brief, we’ll have a drag & brag, fabric exchange, bingo game for prizes and food! Participants will be bringing finger food to share and a brown bag stapled closed with fabric for the exchange/challenge. We’ll also have a bingo game for give-aways. And in anticipation of our February meeting, several of us will fashion our “quick vest/capes” that you might want to try your hand at making at that meeting. The real reason we hold this Annual Meeting is to vote in our 3 CAB positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer. IF you can’t make the meeting/tea, please print and fill out The Ballot (it’s a link to the file) and mail it in so your vote is counted at the meeting and please mark on the envelope as “ATTN: Ballot” so we wait until the meeting to open & count your vote.

Bring a secured brown bag of “wonder” fabric (minimum 1 yard of fabric you may be wondering why/when it was purchased) to exchange. A number will be assigned and all you have to do is pick another brown bag (you could opt to leave it unopened and it will remain that way until the garage sale) in the exchange (no swaps, no steals, unless brokered by individuals!). And, yes, there is a challenge associated with this fabric you receive – just use your imagination and at the April meeting (after Camp Sew & Sew) we’ll see your creation and participants will cast their vote so we can determine 1-2-3 places as to use of the “wonder” fabric received (yes, $$ prizes for those top creations). See what others make of your wonder fabric!

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