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60 Degree Ruler Workshop – 2015

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We held this workshop Saturday, Feb 21. The morning session covered mitered placemat and the afternoon covered strip-pieced tumbling blocks. Everyone completed their morning placemat, and several their tumbling block placemat. The pictures show completed and/or work in progress from each session – sorry I did miss pictures of Mark’s, Susie’s and Nancy’s (they had already packed up or left by the time I brought out the camera at 4pm)!


Here’s the instruction sheet for each session: mitered placemat, tumbling blocks (has extra notes on cutting left-handed, width of strips).

Camp Sew N Sew 2014

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We’ve got some pictures of our sewing retreat — sewing room, projects, dining/kitchen area. If you have more to add (some displays had been taken down when we took pictures on Sunday), let me know and I’ll have you upload them. These pictures are from Suzy Musil. If you have other photos of items she missed (taken down before Sunday), send and email to and we’ll arrange to upload the files.

To see Suzy’s photos click HERE










Reno ASG with Diane Ericson

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Reno ASG Group

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Reno ASG Group

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